If by some chance you missed our article about the next No Man’s Sky game update, here’s the link. According to the developers from Hello Games, the biggest game update to this day titled ‘Beyond’ will launch in five days, on August 14th. With less than a week remaining, we finally got a launch trailer.

‘Beyond’ is yet another Hello Games attempt to make No Man’s Sky even more impressive. The update aims to change the game in many different ways and the creators describe it as three major updates packed into one. ‘Beyond’ includes improvements to the multiplayer, presents additional changes so that players in the game’s universe could find one another with a lot more ease, and also, introduces a new social hub area called the Nexus.

Another big thing coming to the No Man’s Sky with ‘Beyond” is the additional VR support, this should dramatically change the way players experience the game. According to Hello Games, VR will bring an incredible sense of scale. The studio head, Sean Murray, wrote a post on the official game’s site stating that everything the player sees in the launch trailer “can be experienced in VR if you have a headset.”

Looking at No Man’s Sky now, and then glancing back at what it has endured since its original release in 2016, seems surreal. Back then, the game was hailed as one of the biggest disappointments in gaming history, but the steady flow of fixes and updates made No Man’s Sky what it is today – probably the best space exploration game money can buy.  If you’re interested in learning more about Hello Games path to redemption, we have a separate article on the topic.