Last week, Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo have revealed their planned launch window for the upcoming action RPG game Nioh 2. However, over the weekend we received another great bit of information regarding Nioh 2’s Beta test. According to a Tweet by PlayStation, Nioh 2 Open Beta will begin on November 1st and will be available for 10 days.

It’s worth noting that the test will be open for everyone, so players who want to try the game before buying it will be able to do so. You won’t need to pre-order the title or register in some other page to get access – just download it on PS Store and play.

While the Open Beta is set to run from November 1st until November 10th it might not be the only planned test for the game. The first Nioh game had multiple beta tests in order to flush out the most annoying bugs. If it’s any indication, we might see a repeat of several tests for Nioh 2 as well. 

Time is on Team Ninja’s side. While we still don’t have a final release date, the developers said that the game is set to be released in ‘early 2020’. So, the team behind the game can cramp at least one additional beta test period until the official launch is upon us.

If you’ve never played Nioh, and don’t know if it’s worth your time, be sure to check out our blog posts about the game. You can also buy the first Nioh title and experience what the game’s all about first hand. Currently, we have a great price for it.