Somehow, Steam managed to spoil the surprise for the fans of Street Fighter 5. If you’re among those, you may know that this week marks the annual EVO fighting game tournament event in which fans of the genre compete in various different fighting games. It’s also an Evo tradition to reveal some news regarding the games featured in the tournament. Steam apparently miscalculated the days and posted a new video to Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition page (and quickly took it down) featuring 3 new characters coming to the game.

According to the video, new characters include two returning fighters, Edmond Honda and Poison, and a new one called Lucia. E. Honda first appeared in Street Fighter 2 while Poison made its debut in the original Final Fight as an enemy and then was introduced as a playable character in Ultra Street Fighter 4. While Lucia is a newcomer to the Street Fighter series, you may know her from an old game for the Super NES called Final Fight 3.

The video also featured new stages, and a sign “Available now!” so we might assume that it was supposed to be released on the final day of EVO 2019, during Street Fighter 5 grand finals on August 4th.