It’s been quite a while since a new hero has knocked onto the Overwatch gate. The latest, Ashe, came just after the BlizzCon. However, it’s been an even longer period since we’ve had a support role hero – Brigitte came into the game about a year ago, changing the meta to the famous GOATS for better or worse. Now, Blizzard has announced about a new support hero Baptiste making his way to Overwatch real soon.

While not much is yet known about the gameplay of the latest hero, Baptiste is described as damage-oriented support with tons of gadgets for every combat situation. His origin story video reveals that Jean-Baptiste Augustin became an orphan during the omnic crisis and joined a well known Overwatch mercenary group Talon, led by other baddies of the game, such as Reaper and Doomfist.

A while ago, Overwatch posted a lore teaser, and certain internet detectives quickly discovered the teaser’s intent: it was a call to Talon agents to quickly hunt down Baptiste for leaving the organization before he reveals too much information. Looks like the plan wasn’t successful after all, and Baptiste will make his way into the Overwatch. He’ll even bring some bullets and bandages.

As with all Overwatch hero reveals, the first glimpse of the character abilities will most likely be on PTR in the upcoming weeks. For now, there’s no information about how Baptiste’s skills will work, or when he’ll come to the game. However, we expect Baptiste to make his appearance by the end of March.