Fighting game developer Arc System Works is very busy lately. During EVO 2019, the studio has revealed a new Dragon Ball FighterZ character Janemba, gave a presentation on BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle’s new season along with some new characters and announced a brand new Guilty Gear game.

A short teaser, revealed on EVO 2019 stage, features a rocking soundtrack, beautiful art style, and fluid combat action. Even though the style of the game seems to be very reminiscent of a Dragon Ball FighterZ, with smooth stage transitions and few other notable features, it looks a bit more polished. 

The new Guilty Gear will utilize 2.5D graphical style for which Arc System Works is already widely recognized. However, the developers still haven’t announced the platforms for the game. Having in mind that Guilty Gear should be coming out sometime in 2020, we can expect it to be a cross-gen game.

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