Are you still playing Diablo 3? During the weekend, season 16 of the Blizzard’s demon slasher kicked off, introducing new rewards and some quality of life changes. The new update is titled ‘The Season of Grandeur’  and will last up until the 17th of March.

As with all seasonal updates ‘The Season of Grandeur’ brings new cosmetic rewards to the game including head and shoulder pieces for the Conqueror Set. Additionally, players will be able to earn the Wings of Lempo which is inspired by a monarch butterfly. All of these and many more rewards can be learned by completing the seasonal objectives listed in the official blog.

The blog post also details some quality of life changes. Firstly, season 16 update removes Legendary potions form the player’s inventory to free up some space. However, the most significant change addresses Primal Legendaries. Blizzard has added new colorful beams and started showing these items on the minimap, so you won’t accidentally leave them lying around on the ground.

If you’re interested in the new season of Diablo 3, we suggest you read through the rest of the patch notes on their website.