Last Saturday marked the annual celebration of the Batman Day, to commemorate the birth of our beloved hero which was first introduced back in 1939. That is why the weekend was full of Batman in gaming – Epic Games Store gave away loads of Batman games for free, Fortnite did a special crossover event and so on. However, WB Games Montreal, which is known for their Batman Arkham Origins, tweet stole the show with an interesting tease. Don’t blink!

Did you catch it? If you watched this video closely you might’ve noticed some symbols from the Batman universe appear in this video for just a flash. Some internet detectives theorize that these symbols are pointing to a secret society for the Bat-universe such as Court of Owls or League of Shadows, which might be the core of the story for the upcoming game.

The tease might imply that WB Games Montreal is working on something new in the Batman universe. Or we’re just seeing things… What gives us more hope is the new job posting on the company’s website which is looking for some new team members to join the development of yet unannounced “AAA” project. We have our fingers crossed!