The last couple of days was exciting for Alien game fans. Recent tweets by Alien: Isolation game star Amanda Ripley led the community to start the speculation about the new possible game in the series. Rumors were confirmed, but the new game is not exactly what we have expected. The new Alien-themed game is called Alien: Blackout and it will be available on your mobile device.

before the power goes out in the alien game

On paper, Alien: Blackout sounds very similar to its predecessor Isolation. Players will have to explore a Wyland-Yutani space station and avoid the legendary Xenomorph as it tries to hunt you down.

Additionally, you’ll have to protect your crew, which means that sometimes Alien: Blackout will present you with a choice – who to sacrifice and who to save. The game will also feature a branching storyline based upon your choices, which will provide the game with huge replayability value.

outsmart the alien game

For now, there is no launch date. The game’s website lists Alien: Blackout as “coming soon”. The game will be playable on both Android and iOS devices.