Every gamer who is also a fighting genre fan knows the Tekken series. The latest addition to the series, Tekken 7, was released for consoles back in 2015, however, Bandai Namco is still updating the game with fresh new content. Last week, during EVO competition, the developers revealed two new fighters coming to the game next week.

As revealed in a new trailer, Tekken 7 roster will add an option to play as Julia who is already known to the fans of the series. Julia had her debut in Tekken 3, and since then has appeared in every Tekken game as herself or her alter-ego ‘Jaycee’ to this date.

While Julia can be called the Tekken series veteran, Bandai Namco also confirmed that Negan, known for the fans of The Walking Dead, will also make his way to Tekken 7. Initially, Negan was announced last year, but fans of the game hadn’t received the date of his debut in the game. We’re pleased to tell you that Julia and Negan will join the roster on February 28th.

While Julia’s moves will be familiar to the fans of the series, Negan will host a set of fresh ones. Surely, he’s armed with the iconic wire-wrapped baseball bat Lucille. You can check both characters in action here:

In addition, the trailer seems to confirm that Negan won’t be the only nod for the fans of The Walking Dead. There also appears to be a stage where Negan did his infamous TV series debut moment, picking on who to kill with his bat.

Negan is not the first guest fighter in Tekken 7. Previous DLC characters included Noctis, the protagonist of Final Fantasy 15, Akuma known for the fans of Street Fighter, and Geese Howard from Fatal Fury.

It’s nice to see that even years after the release of the game, Bandai Namco is still supporting their fighting game. We’re hoping that two new fighters won’t be the last in Tekken 7. The game is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Arcade.