On July 20th in 1969 NASA successfully accomplished the first landing on the Moon. Neal Armstrong’s famous words will forever be inscribed into memories and records of the human race inspiring future space engineers, astronauts, and possible space explorers. While casual space travel is still out of our reach, we can explore every corner of the endless vacuum with the help of video games. To commemorate the first men on the Moon, Eneba is having a celebratory Moon Landing sale where you’ll be able to snatch space and sci-fi-themed games with huge discounts that will inspire awe, fascination, and maybe, just maybe, a few new rocket scientists, engineers, or even sci-fi writers.

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Kerbal Space Program

To those who are looking for a video game based on real-life physics and rocket science, Kerbal Space Program is an ideal fit. Little green men are ready to colonize the Kerbal Solar system and it’s up to you to fly them to the stars. There are many games that offer to colonize outer space, but none is as scientifically accurate as Kerbal Space Program. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist yet, the game has plenty of science-based tutorials on how to build rockets. Every failed attempt will propel you to explore your mistakes and build better rockets until finally, you’ll be able to lift off and colonize the entire Kerbal system successfully.

Kerbal Space Program

The game is so scientifically accurate that even NASA and Space X engineers use it to run tests and train new recruits. Who knows, maybe success in Kerbal Space Program will inspire a gamer or few to reach for the real stars?

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Anthem may have failed as a project, dragging Bioware’s reputation through the mud, but the famous and acclaimed game developer not always has been the shell of its former self it seems to be today. Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a perfect testament to Bioware’s complex storytelling and character development, intervening plotlines, and massive, epic scale of space adventures. 

Mass Effect series

Released with updated graphics, 4K visuals, and featuring over 40 DLCs from the entire Mass Effect Trilogy, Mass Effect Legendary Edition still remains the grand space opera from the time when Bioware was a force to be reckoned with. Ride once more with Commander Sheppard and the crew of Normandy to save the universe from extermination. Replaying Mass Effect is like meeting a group of old friends.

Cosmic horror in Dead Space and Alien: Isolation

There may not be many Lovecraftian elements in Dead Space, but the author has invented the cosmic horror genre that continues to terrify audiences throughout the various media: movies, literature, and video games. The fear of the unknown, the isolation, and never knowing what lurks and waits in the dark are the elements of the best cosmic horror crafted by the pen of H. P. Lovecraft. They are also the ingredients that made gamers fall in love with the Dead Space series and Alien: Isolation.

Alien Isoliation

Wandering alone in an abandoned space station with flickering lights and ominous creatures following your every step, sending chills down your spine as even the playing shadows can make you jump out of your seat. Alien: Isolation is still considered a masterpiece of cosmic horror by those who dared to play it, but seems to be evaded by gamers mostly because of the curse bestowed upon the Alien video games. Meanwhile, Dead Space is getting a remake. Before it releases, Moon Landing Sale is the perfect opportunity to experience the best this horror subgenre has to offer with huge discounts.

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