Fans of Major League Baseball and gaming had limited options choosing their gaming platform. For a few years now MLB The Show, the league’s officially licensed simulation game, was only available on PlayStation console. However, the new deal between Sony Interactive Entertainment and MLB states that the series will be coming to other gaming consoles as well, starting in 2021.

While the official press release doesn’t specify the platforms, it’s not hard to figure out which ones will make it in the list. Nintendo and Xbox Twitter accounts have already re-tweeted MLB’s statement hinting at the possible release of MLB The Show on their consoles as well.

However, one thing is super weird in all this fuss. MLB The Show used to be developed by SIE San Diego Studio which is owned by… Sony. If the developer remains the same it will be really interesting to see how Sony-owned studio will handle developing games for the next-generation Xbox or Nintendo hardware.

In any case, this new deal means that the upcoming MLB The Show 20 which is set for release on March 17th, 2020, will become the last PlayStation-exclusive official baseball game.