Minecraft players have been waiting for this a long time. The next major update for Minecraft is almost ready and now has an official release date – the Nether Update lands on June 23rd. It will expand the Nether, add a new endgame material called Netherite, and will allow players to make a lot of new stuff.

Let’s start with Netherite material which will be an all-new go-to material in order to get the best armor and weapons. Netherite armor and weapons will be stronger and more durable than diamond items, but in order to craft these, you will still need to have some diamonds in your inventory, meaning that diamonds will become even more valuable.

In addition, Nether Update brings new types of NPCs – Piglins and Hoglins. According to the developers, one of the design goals for these new NPCs was to cater to players with different playstyles. For example, you can defeat your Piglin enemies using force, but that’s not the only way – you can also learn how to gain the respect of these Nether natives and get some cool items from them without fighting.

A lot of interesting insights about all of the new things coming to the game with this Nether Update can be found in a video below. Be sure to check it out:

All in all, Nether Update seems like a worthy addition to the long-running game. We should also mention, that Nether Update should reach all the platforms – PC (including java version), PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices – on the same day, so it wouldn’t disrupt any of the cross-play servers. Get ready to play it on June 23rd!