In the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, many gaming events were canceled. Among the canceled ones there was the annual MineCon convention that celebrates all things Minecraft. However, Mojang had a plan to bring this celebration in an online space but we haven’t heard much since. Until now… Mojang confirmed that Minecraft Live will happen on October 3rd and everyone is welcome to join!

The official call reads:

Get ready for our annual celebration of all things Minecraft! On October 3rd at 12 EST, Minecraft Live will be streaming, you guessed it, live on a device near you! Join us for mob votes, exciting announcements, update news, and more on

As you might expect, Minecraft Live will be dedicated to a single brand of games. Fans of this franchise hope to hear more news about the upcoming Minecraft games. We’d like to remind you that last year we got a Minecraft Dungeons announcement as well as some now about Minecraft Earth. Naturally, we’re expecting some more new Minecraft titles as well as some updates for our beloved world.

While we won’t get usual cheers and local competitions, it’s nice to see that Mojang is looking for ways to bring more interactivity. According to the announcement, we’ll get an annual community that will allow Minecraft players to pick the next unit to join the game.

You don’t need to be a Minecraft player to enjoy the show, however, we have some great offers you should look at before the event. Be sure to check it out!