4A Games, the developer of a critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic FPS, Metro Exodus, have announced that they are planning to release two DLC expansions for the game. Each of the said expansions should feature unique stories with an in-depth focus on new characters.

The first one is called The Two Colonels, and will tell a story about Colonel Khlebnikov. Players will have to guide the new character back home. In addition to the new storyline, this expansion will also feature a couple of gameplay updates and introduce players with a new weapon: the flame-thrower. It’s scheduled to release sometime this summer.

4A Games also shared some details about their second DLC expansion which is said to launch early next year. According to the developer, the expansion will present a new sandbox survival level based on Vladivostok. The level will contain ruined industrial buildings, crumbling residential districts and tsunami-ravaged harbors filled with monsters. In this addition to Metro Exodus, players will assume control of Sam, a former US marine who aims to get back to his country.

You can read more about the planned DLCs on the game’s official webpage. Currently, there are no exact release dates available on either of the DLC expansions, only some rough estimates. However, we are certain that we’ll be able to accurately mark our calendars after E3 2019. If you’ve never player Metro Exodus, now is the perfect time to start catching up.