The collaboration between Epic Games and Marvel results in another pleasant surprise for the fans of both the Marvel franchise and the famous Battle Royale title that keeps sweeping the gaming community. So, what comes out of it? Loki, the self-proclaimed god of mischief who recently got his very own show, is joining the Fortnite game.

Loki’s skin comes bundled with various equipages, including his gold-trimmed cape, a sceptre for head-bashing and resource-harvesting, a glider based on the Chitauri chariot, and, of course, a special loading-screen art that’s going to grace the arrival of this character. Loki’s bundle is available via Fortnite Crew, Fortnite’s monthly subscription offering. 

The character has been around for quite some time: Loki was introduced in the Marvel Comics universe back in 1949, and although his popularity varied over the decades, since 2011 the character was especially popularized by actor Tom Hiddleston in Thor. Recently, as we mentioned, the popular character is getting his first cameo in Fortnite after the release of the TV show revolving around Loki.

Let’s hope that Loki will have a grand time on the battlefields of the globally famous Battle Royale. In the meanwhile, you can check out our Fortnite collection to freshen up your Fortnite Locker with some stylish outfits, whether original designs or characters from other famous franchises!