In an effort to promote the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix announced a new partnership with Epic Games which will grant some sweet Fortnite rewards for all who participate in Marvel’s Avengers beta test. This was announced during the latest developer War Table stream where we got some more details about the game and some news about the post-launch content.

Here’s a full recording of the stream if you’re interested:

Marvel’s Avengers beta starts on August 7th for PlayStation 4 players with the rest of the community joining in at a later date. This beta test will serve players some in-game challenges and reward those who complete them. According to the news, players will be able to earn some cool Fortnite cosmetics such as the Hulk Smasher Pickaxe or an Iron Man Hulkbuster style version of it. However, it’s worth mentioning that only console players will be eligible for these rewards – if PC players want to get these, they’ll have to wait until these rewards will pop up on Fortnite’s in-game store.

As for other news announced during the stream, we got a new hero. According to Crystal Dynamics, the first free post-launch hero coming to the game at a later date will be the legendary Hawkeye. It will be released to the game alongside a new set of campaign-missions called Avengers Initiative.

It’s worth mentioning that Hawkeye won’t be just a one-off. Every few months Crystal Dynamics expect to release a new hero and a separate dedicated campaign for it. And all of it will be free for all Marvel’s Avengers players. This means that with each new hero addition, the game will get bigger and possibly better.

Marvel’s Avengers beta is just a week away if you’re a PlayStation player. The latest to join the testing will be the PC community which will get beta access on August 21st. Currently, the launch of the game is set for September 4th, but with all the testing and possible bug fixing this is subject to change.

It seems like the game will be worth our while. Pre-order your copy from our store and get a great discount!