Earlier this week we’ve tried to guess what a couple of cryptic tweets that popped-up on Mafia’s Twitter account really meant. And now we do! The iconic Mafia trilogy will be remade and re-released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Here’s an official teaser:

According to the video description, we’ll get a full-fledged announcement with a possible explanation and maybe some type of remastered gameplay next week. The line in the description reads:

“Live the life of a gangster across three distinct eras of organized crime in America. Discover the #MafiaTrilogy Tuesday, May 19 at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm BST at MafiaGame.com.”

From what we gather, Mafia: Trilogy is being developed by Hangar 13 team. The same team previously released Mafia 3 which wasn’t very well received. In fact, the only game in the trilogy that managed to score a lot of points with game critics was the original. And let’s be frank – Mafia game from 2002 looks very old by today’s standards.

We don’t know about you guys but this curiosity is enough to get us excited about Mafia: Trilogy. We hope to learn more about the project over the course of the next week.