The best family game of the year according to The Game Awards 2019 will get even better! Nintendo has announced that it will be expanding Luigi’s Mansion 3 with a new paid DLC focused on multiplayer which will bring a lot of new content to the game next year.

The main focus of the new paid DLC titled Multiplayer Pack will be ScareScraper and ScreamPark modes. However, we should point out that the content won’t be released all at once. On April 30th, players of Luigi’s Mansion 3 will get three new ScreamPark mini-games, three ScareScraper level themes, six new Themed Ghosts and some fresh Luigi’s costumes to match it all.

A bit later, on July 31st, Part 2 will arrive and will also bring a handful of new mini-games, new floor themes, and costumes. However, Nintendo still hasn’t revealed what exactly we’ll be getting.

While the additional content is not something groundbreaking, it’s a nice addition that expands the game and gives more incentives to play it more. Having in mind the fact, that the new DLC is super cheap and upon your preorder, you’ll get immediate access to the new in-game Flashlight Type-P that makes a Polterpup shape on walls, it’s a bargain. So if you’re interested we suggest you check it out on Nintendo’s website.