Welcome to yet another of our ‘’Games Like – ‘’ article, this time our target audiences are the control addicts, the social devils, the imaginative architects, and in general, gamers who enjoy assuming the role of the omniscient voice (and hand!) that directs every action and outcome concerning the unsuspecting digital world inhabitants!

If you happen to fall under one of these archetypes, we’re pretty sure that The Sims real-life simulation game is the title you have not only heard of, but also played for an extensive time period already. If our hunch doesn’t lie, you’ve enjoyed The Sims games plenty, and if that’s the case, we have some awesome news for you, there are way more games like Sims that you should most definitely try out!

However, if you are not very keen on The Sims format, fear not! Our recommendations on games like Sims include a whole variety of different titles, and the sole fact that The Sims games were not to your liking doesn’t mean some of these management simulations don’t have the potential to scratch your gaming itch and touch upon that simulation-lacking sweet spot!

Farming Simulator 2019!

It should come as no surprise that Farming Simulator 2019 is in our games like Sims list. This recently released GIANTS Software title is conquering the market one farm at the time! The game presents a real-life-like environment in which you, the player, can directly impact and control pretty much everything. Wield the latest tech agriculture vehicles, grow numerous kinds of crops, tend your livestock, enter the business market, sell your earnings, and even stroll around your lands on a horse’s back! It’s detailed, it’s precise, it’s graphically stunning, and the best of all, it’s all yours to manage!

Two Point Hospital!

When it comes to games like Sims, Two Point Hospital stands as close as it gets, this one is just a bit more medical-oriented. However, in this, Two Point Studios developed, and SEGA’s published title, medical doesn’t necessarily mean precise, direct, and serious. Assume the role of the hospital’s administrator, construct and operate your hospital as you please, and watch the chaos ensue. If it was just a regular hospital that you are administering, we wouldn’t be so sure about the chaos part, however, this one is as far from your ‘regular’ hospital as it gets. Most games like Sims tend to have a little grain of unpredictability in them, and Two Point Hospital certainly carries more than a grain.

Stardew Valley!

Stardew Valley is a farming RPG developed by ConcernedApe. The game’s feel and looks were inspired by the old-school farming simulator game that the hardcore Nintendo fans will probably remember; Harvest Moon. This piece falls into the games like Sims categorization, for the sheer amount of possible activities you can partake in, from farming to crafting, to enjoying the love affairs, just like The Sims, this title is the Jack of all Trades, the game is also open-ended so don’t get anxious that it’ll end, because it won’t… Games like Sims don’t just end, you are the omniscient consciousness above it all, it’s only fair that such a decision would lie upon your shoulders as well.

Meeple Station!

While not necessarily as close as some of the above-mentioned games, Meeple Station perfectly meets the criteria in order to make it into the games like Sims listing. Vox Games set up their game high in the space, and yet, simulation is a simulation no matter the location! Let’s compare this innovative piece to Sims just a little bit. Instead of your house, you have your space station. Instead of your Sims, you have your Meeples.

Failure is fun to spectate, and while in The Sims things can certainly go wrong, it’s nothing compared to when things go wrong on Meeple Station! Last but not the least, try leaving your Sims alone for just a little while and some weird shenanigans are sure to start soon enough, that’s common knowledge, right? Now try leaving your Meeples on their own, without supervision, for a little while and see how it goes.

Cities: Skylines!

We’ve decided to include this one based on the consideration that games like Sims could also include SimCity. SimCity series had a massive success because they capitalized on the construction and building features rather than the control of a single, or just a few individual Sims. And Cities: Skylines, developed by Colossal Order, offer outstanding alternative gameplay to the former title! Build your very own city, and keep your inhabitants happy, that’s the goal.

However, how you plan on achieving it is entirely up to you. Forget the necessity of taking care of your starving, or sleep deprived creations, and rather put your focus on hundreds of thousands of individuals at once! Looking for quite something like Sims, because to your mind, the games were lacking a good challenge? This title is about to set the tone right!


So based on our previous entries, you should now have a grasp of the pattern we’ve used in order to define what concludes such games like Sims. And based on it, RimWorld is the final piece of the puzzle. While Meeple station is set in space, RimWorld doesn’t shy away and sets its location on a desolated planet, somewhere far far away from that of our Earth. This game portrays you like the invisible narrator that directly impacts the lives of the survivors within the planet. While there’re an immense amount of management and simulation options in this game, such as it should be as far as games like Sims go, here you are far from almighty.

Your Colonists have their adequate professions, their own aspirations, and their own personalities which you cannot change (though you can sacrifice any of your colonists as you please). On top of that their interaction with one another is also not upon your will, and that complicates things even further. This is one of the games like Sims, however, it’s not The Sims and thus, there’s icing on the cake. All the outer events are controlled by immensely intelligent AI, that depending on your selected settings, can cause so much ruckus that you might start questioning your management abilities no matter how experienced you are. It’s definitely a game worth trying.

That’s It, Folks!

Hope you have enjoyed our 2 cents on recommended games like Sims.

We wholeheartedly hope that this article has brought some fresh perspective upon how some games can be related in a way that might not be obvious at the very first gaze.

Choose your pick and immerse in the unpredictable, never-ending, management simulation affair. For as long as you yourself desire!And as always, you can buy all the above-mentioned titles on our Eneba Marketplace!