It’s simply hard to count all the advantages of the Nintendo Switch console: this is a portable gaming platform capable of running the latest triple-A titles and featuring exclusive games from some of the most iconic and influential franchises in the gaming industry as well as a pop culture all together! There are many great games available for Nintendo Switch but if you really know what to pick when it comes to shopping for winter holidays, you’ll make an absolute overkill! For this reason, we compiled a list of some of the greatest Christmas gifts for Nintendo gamers currently available!

Super Mario Maker 2

One of the best places to start when coming up with Nintendo gift ideas are the games featuring Super Mario, as this universally recognized plumber can easily be considered the main mascot of Nintendo itself! For this reason, there are a plethora of well-made Nintendo games that follow the adventures of Super Mario and his friends.

However, if one had to pick only a single Super Mario Switch title, they would never miss by including Super Mario Maker 2 into their list of Christmas gifts for Nintendo gamers – a game offers not only classic platforming but also gigantic creative possibilities with elaborate level design tools! Over 2 million courses have been created by the players merely two weeks after its launch!

Pokémon Sword & Shield

Pokémon is another massive Nintendo exclusive franchise that expands beyond video games throughout comic books, trading cards and of course the anime series which is responsible for nostalgic childhood memories of the many. 2019 Saw the release of the latest Pokémon Sword & Shield games – a perfect Christmas gifts for Nintendo gamers that will bring back childhood memories and create new ones for the future!

Just like its predecessors, the latest Pokémon title was released in two versions – Sword & Shield – with the main differences between them residing in version exclusive Pokémon, unique Pokémon gym leaders as well as different legendary Pokémon. On the other hand, both games share the new setting called Galar region which is based on Great Britain, semi-open Wild Area and a detailed character creator.

Astral Chain

Astral Chain is by default one of the best Christmas gifts for Nintendo gamers by being one of the hottest anime video games on the whole platform! The title was developed by Platinum Games, a studio behind such critically acclaimed action titles like VanquishNieR: Automata and Bayonetta. Astral Chain fits perfectly among the previous works of these developers, featuring not only awesome gameplay but also jaw-dropping visual presentation, with manga artist Masakazu Katsura being mostly responsible for the sleek anime aesthetic.

The game is set in the last human city called Ark. This futuristic place is under a constant threat of interdimensional invasion of dangerous astral beings known as Chimeras. The player will assume the role of one of the optional male or female siblings who work for the Ark city police force. Christmas gifts for Nintendo gamers should definitely include this fast-paced, third-person action game with stylish anime aesthetic, cyberpunk and post-apocalyptic elements, semi-open world segments with side quests and great replay value!

Overwatch (Legendary Edition)

Overwatch (Legendary Edition) is probably the most popular online-only FPS currently on the market and the best thing is that since the beginning of 2019 Overwatch is also available for the Nintendo Switch! At last, it’s finally possible to enjoy this awesome game from Blizzard Entertainment even outside the home!

Overwatch cosmetic skins can also be considered great Christmas gifts for Nintendo gamers if the receiver of holiday presents happens to own the base game. If not, no problem – the Legendary Edition of Overwatch includes 15 character skins with 10 of them being Epic and Legendary type cosmetics that were not present in the original release of the game. The variety of hero customization options in vanilla Overwatch was overwhelming and the Legendary Edition doesn’t intend to stop spoiling the fans with even more eye candies!

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Fighting games like Dragon Ball FighterZ should never be excluded from the possible Christmas gifts for Nintendo gamers or simply gamers in general, as this title is available for multiple platforms. However, there’s nothing like linking up your Switch consoles with a friend or family member after exchanging gifts on Christmas morning and going a few rounds on Dragon Ball FighterZ!

This is not only a good Dragon Ball Z game. It’s a good fighting game in general, and no surprise as it was developed by Arc System Works, the creators behind such acclaimed fighting game series like the infamous BlazBlue. The latest BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle even shares gameplay mechanics similar to those featured in Dragon Ball FighterZ such as switching between characters mid-battle. DLC characters like the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly should also be considered possible Christmas gifts for Nintendo gamers who already own Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is arguably the most popular of Bethesda’s RPGs. The game was first released in 2011 and it still holds up among the various recent RPG releases as well as maintains a large fanbase across all platforms. It is not hard to see why – the game offered a staggering amount of freedom, character customization both skill-wise and looks-wise, hundreds of hours of content through interesting side-quests and an epic main storyline surrounding dragons that threaten to destroy the world and a hero destined to save it.

There are multiple factors that make the Switch release of Skyrim one of the best Christmas gifts for Nintendo gamers. It is a well-made, smoothly running Switch port; it features amiibo loot chests that offer Switch version exclusive Link’s gear from another great Nintendo RPG series The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and finally – it allows the player to enjoy this massive and immersive gaming experience anywhere they want!


The original Doom from 1993 is often considered the father of all first-person shooters. Even if it was technically not the first FPS game ever made, it definitely fleshed out, thoroughly defined and kickstarted the entire genre. In 2016 a modern remake of Doom was released. The game was reinvented from scratch, but nevertheless, it managed to stay faithful to the original, which places it among the best Christmas gifts for Nintendo gamers, whether they are veterans of this series or newcomers.

Narrative of the game is fairly simple: the player assumes the role of a nameless space marine deployed on a Martian colony that is overrun by demons from hell. Doom doesn’t waste time and throws the player into the action right on the first minute. With a wide assortment of updated sci-fi weaponry from the classic Doom, players will rip and tear their way through the campaign leaving nothing but a trail of blood and severed limbs behind. There’s no better way to spend time waiting for the release of Doom: Eternal!

Nintendo eShop cards

If for whatever reason the previously mentioned Christmas gifts for Nintendo gamers are a no go, it’s not a problem – you can always rely on a good old Nintendo eShop gift card! They save the trouble of coming up with a specific gift idea and provide the receiver with the pleasure of choosing the gift for themselves. They might as well help the Switch owner you care to finally save up for the latest triple-A Nintendo Switch release they always wanted.

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