For those of you who were super jealous of streamer privilege to play the new Riot Games title – Legend of Runeterra – calm down. Riot Games finally revealed that the game will be available for all those that wish to try it before the end of the month. However, it’s not a full release just yet. Legends of Runeterra will enter its open beta testing period starting January 24th.

In the official statement, Riot Games said that the interest in their new card game based on the popular League of Legends franchise was a bit overwhelming, so the team decided to “hit the gas” and work on releasing open beta as soon as possible. Well, the time came a bit earlier than expected. Previously, Riot Games planned to release the game by sending waves of more and more beta invites, but the plan changed. The team managed to get the game into a state which, apparently, is suitable for masses.

According to Riot Games, Legends of Runeterra open beta will have a couple of new game features that should make things more exciting. One of these features is the new Ranked Mode which will allow the player to climb through the ranks. The name of the ranks will be familiar to League of Legends players – Iron, Bronze, Gold, Platinum and so on…

In addition to the Ranked mode, Legends of Runeterra open beta will also give players a chance to challenge their friends. According to the news, your League of Legends friends list will carry over to Legends of Runeterra, so you won’t need to worry about getting all your friends’ contacts in advance.

Lastly, there’s some monetization testing. To everyone’s surprise, Legends of Runeterra won’t be monetized in a traditional way of offering some randomized card packs. Instead, the game will have numerous interesting ways to personalize your play experience – thematic boards, emotes and so on. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

And that’s just the start. In a new video, Riot Games shared a bit about their future plans for the game. If you’re interested, be sure to spare 6 minutes of your life and get acquainted:

If you wish to sign up for Legends of Runeterra open beta for PC or mobile, be sure to hop on the official page of the game.