Fortnite is Vibin’ and turning the entire island into a huge party! That’s the theme of the new season 3. The Reality Tree has bloomed and it not only resembles the particular planet from Avatar but also lits the island with a party blue and magenta neon! So, put your party hat on, bring out the good vibes, and let’s bounce on some spongy mushrooms! Tickets are sold with V-bucks and we have a special offer for you!

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The party is live!

The Fortnite festival has plenty of new activities and loot. Fan-favorite Ballers are back and have some new cool features like floating on water or riding on a rollercoaster! Players also learned to tame wild animals and mount them not only for a ride but also for combat with new and returning weapons. How about a race on the back of a wild boar or a wolf?

Fortnite Vibin'

The party was flying so high and the music was so loud it even attracted the Empire’s attention. Yes, the menacing Sith Lord and the most popular and recognizable villain in the entire pop culture is joining the roster! Can you hear the Imperial March ringing? None other than Darth Vader has come to Fortnite and this new skin is only a few V-bucks away!

Doctor Jones is also curious about what’s up with this new season and the world-famous fedora-wearing and whip-swinging archeology professor is ready to investigate! Indie is joined by Evie, Snap, Adira Stormfarer, Malik, and Sabina. Some of them have fully customizable outfits, so you’ll be a completely unique party attendant!

Fortnite Season 3 skins

The Reality Tree we mentioned before not only looks magnificent but also produces loot. Plant a Reality Seed to grow a Reality Sapling which will turn into a better loot every time you weed them! Keep weeding until the Saplings produce loot of Mythic variety.

Are you in? Don’t miss the opportunity to join the Fortnite Summerfest cheaper because we got you covered with a special offer for V-bucks! Buy separate skins or the entire Season Pass! Let’s meet at the party!

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