Co-op only games are not the most popular genre in gaming. However, sometimes a certain game proves that it’s still interesting to a big crowd of players. The latest Hazelight Studios creation It Takes Two is exactly that. Developers confirmed that It Takes Two surpassed 1 million units sold on PC and consoles, and that number still grows by the day.

The news about this impressive achievement was announced via the company’s Twitter account where Hazelight Studios shared their message of gratitude for the fans.

Additionally, studio director Jose Fares added a worthy insight from his own account. According to his message, this milestone shows that there definitely are players that also want to play co-op only games.

Co-op-only games have been rare happenings in gaming recently. A few weeks back our team released a special co-op games collection and listed over 20 great representatives of the genre. However, only a handful of these games were primarily created as co-op experiences – most titles in there featured some type of co-op mode in addition to other single-player and multiplayer modes. On the other hand, Hazelight Studios’ creations are games where co-op is mandatory – It Takes Two, A Way Out, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. 

In all honesty, it’s super nice to see that even niche games can be successful. We’re hoping that this impressive sales achievement will work as encouragement to more studios to create original experiences.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out It Takes Two, be sure to grab a friend, a cheap copy of the game from our store, and check it out. It’s an interesting co-op adventure that examines relationships in an interesting way. It Takes Two was specifically designed for two players, meaning that every challenge needs you to collaborate with another player if you want to succeed.