February is yet to end but 2019 has already been a crazy year for gaming. The likes of Anthem, Resident Evil 2, and Metro: Exodus have already been released, with Devil May Cry 5, The Division 2, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice soon to hit our screens! Unfortunately, this means that another very promising game is not getting the attention it deserves. That game is Left Alive, developed by the legendary team in Square Enix.

This third-person shooter promises to rival other modern shooting games that have opted to focus on the “future war” topic. Much like in the latest Call of Duty or Battlefield games, the action here takes place in a somewhat distant future, the year 2127 to be exact. The location is an Eastern European town of Novo Slava that has been destroyed by war and looks like a shadow of its former self. In Left Alive you take the role of protagonists fighting against the violent regime in the city. Will you overcome the odds or fall with the rest?

Left Alive accessibility

Unfortunately, the game won’t be available on every gaming platform from the moment of its release. From what is known up to this point, the game will only be available on PC and PlayStation 4 upon release. However, there is hope that in the months to come Left Alive is going to be accessible on other platforms as well, which has not been denied by the developers as well. Unfortunately, this change will not occur before the release of the game, therefore, the only way to get your hands on a pre-order of the game or dive right in the action on the 5th of March when the game is released, your best bet is to look for a version on PC or PlayStation 4!

An addition to the Front Mission franchise

You thought the artwork and the characters look somewhat familiar? You would not be wrong in thinking you’ve seen something like this before since the game acts like an addition to the Front Mission franchise that has not seen a new release since 2010. The action takes place in between the events of Front Mission 5 and Front Mission Evolved in a familiar futuristic setting.

Are you wondering why Left Alive does not have the same name as previous games in the Front Mission timeline? The answer is rather simple, even though it does follow the events of FM, the game does not have the same development team behind it and would rather be considered as a separate game rather than a part of another franchise. By all means, it has its right to do so, as it is a unique game when it comes to mechanics, graphics, and development decisions. After all, the whole team behind it has changed and the only things still reminiscent of Front Mission games in Left Alive is the fact that it takes place within its storyline and the similar character style.

Yoji Shinkawa

If you’ve heard the name of Yoji Shinkawa before, you know you are in for a treat when it comes to artwork in a futuristic war game. After all, this is the person that has been leading the way when it comes to creating artwork for the Metal Gear franchise. In fact, he was involved in pretty much every Metal Gear game released since 1998 and the franchise cannot be imagined without him. However, this time Yoji Shinkawa decided to venture into working on Left Alive and leave the Metal Gear franchise behind for now.

This means that the game will have more than an elite developing team behind it with Square Enix, it will also have its artwork in good hands. It is evident that the visuals not only in the game itself but in its advertisement and presentation matters and a game simply could not be in better hands than it is with Yoji Shinkawa!

Stealth or guns-blazing action?

Both! The aim set out in the game is to provide the possibility for players worldwide to adapt their own style and not be forced into a particular form of action. In Left Alive you can be stealthy if you want to, sneaking your way around the back of your enemy in a bid to outsmart them. You can prove yourself as the superior war tactician that way, however, if you want to enter the battlefield with power and explosions, there’s nothing stopping you in that! As long as you know what you’re doing, you can come out on top, regardless of which way you take to overcome the odds and come out on top in the field of battle.

Single-Player focus

A large portion of games coming out nowadays have their eyes set on the multiplayer market, leaving a gap in the single-player market, which Square Enix would not leave empty for long! Left Alive is going to be this gap-filler as it seems like it will provide a thrilling campaign experience that we have been lacking in the genre for quite a while. Whether or not this will be the next great shooting game is yet to be determined, as it is still due to be released, with a date for the release set for the 5th of March.

However, there is no doubting that the game has promise and definitely deserves more mainstream attention than it is currently gathering. The risk of a game being a bust has never stopped it from being hyped, therefore, it is not a valid reason for Left Alive to go somewhat under the radar as it has been so far. Especially keeping in mind that the team behind the game has a reputation of coming up with standout titles, as Square Enix has done so in a number of occasions in the past. If the quality of Final Fantasy, Hitman, Deus Ex, and Dragon Quest games is indicative of the quality that their newest game is going to bring, the gaming community might be in for a treat!