Nowadays, AAA games – especially the fantasy ones – have set quite a high bar when it comes to quality and content which are undoubtedly associated with the genre. The success and impact of The Witcher trilogy established that gritty and not-always-romantic plot and Dragon Age franchise presented vast customization options that helped to create an even better immersion.

These two titles can be easily be regarded as the giants of the fantasy genre. Any and all upcoming games might inevitably be compared to them, both in terms of storytelling and gameplay mechanics. So, once Greedfall game has appeared onto the scene, it – inevitably – brought along some high expectations. Today we will be taking a glance at the game and discuss whether it pulls its weight or is buried by it.

Humble roots of Greedfall

Coming from the ambitious minds of Spiders, an indie developer from France, Greedfall has quite a hype surrounding it. The game promised to have an open world that’s both customizable and full of opportunities. The developer can boast they have a history with RPG genre, especially once you look at two of their previous titles The Technomancer and Bound By Flame. It is safe to say that they are steadily rising and improving within the genre. And so Greedfall game is grander, wider, and much more ambitious than anything they have tried before. Engaging story and sprawling locations are definitely there.

Freedom is all yours

The title promises to be adaptable and customizable. You can create a character of either gender, as well as adjust its looks to that which would suit you for the entirety of the journey. Once you are happy with your unique avatar, you can look forward to gathering plenty of clothing options – the game states there are more than 200 pieces to discover – and then, plenty of customization options follow. These can be based on a certain look, or maybe you need certain stats for your armor, Greedfall game accommodates you either way. Naturally, the more you’ll unlock, the more you’ll obtain – your loot can be used for both utility and aesthetics.

And outward customization is just one of the ways to bring you complete freedom in this game. Greedfall does not have classes, but do not think there is a lack of skills to pick from. Choosing from the extensive skill tree, you can combine your learned abilities with the weapons you wield, thus creating a unique experience for each path. Furthermore, don’t expect that all your skills are designed precisely for combat. Greedfall game will give you a chance to invest time and dedication into raising your diplomacy, or even cunningness. It might not help to kill a random beast encounter in the wilds, but it might save your life all the same.

Greedfall’s living world

In addition to an open world, Greedfall can boast having an interactive story. And we don’t just mean the kind of interactive where you pick an answer out of three options. While there’s plenty of that, as is almost customary in any RPG game, the title’s uniqueness also comes packaged with a series of outcomes. When you face a problem, you have several ways to approach it. In Greedfall game, you make your own story, and if your character is a cunning man, he might offer a bribe to get his way.

Perhaps, you want to play as a charismatic diplomat and talk your way out of the trouble? Of course, there’s also the option to throw all your caution to the wind and face the issues head-on, hoping to overcome it with sheer might, brute force, and muscle mass. Therefore, your character will never act out of place, as outcomes and options can be successfully selected only when you have the corresponding skills and abilities.

And on the topic of choices, we cannot skip the factions. Greedfall game has plenty of those – six, to be precise – and each of them brings their own goals and driving motifs. The choices you make can increase your standing with each of the factions; do the opposite and you’ll fall out of favor in seconds. This adds another dimension to your interactions, as you’ll be navigating through these factions left and right according to your needs.

Quests mostly function in relation to the faction system because most offer rewards in the form of reputation. And if you take the same quest in Greedfall game several times, your choices can still make an impact, and thus, the outcome may be different too. One time you might choose to favor one faction, another time – pick a different group. This increases replayability, as well as keeps the overall story (that you might already be familiar with) fresh.

Friends along the way

In a true manner of the famed Dragon Age, Greedfall has a companion system. Each faction offers their representative to accompany you on your journey. They can also be involved in quests, especially when dealing with their own faction as they can offer new insights. The opposite is also true; in Greedfall game companions may oppose to talks with the faction that directly challenges theirs. While in total you can recruit 5 characters, only two can go with you at any given time. So be sure to make the right selection, as your companions can make or break your plan.

A relationship is also a thing in the game. Basically, you can pick one of your companions to become something more than just work friends. This feature can also be attributed to a newly-formed cliché of the genre, as relationship help with making your Greedfall game’s avatar seem more real – as your character becomes important to someone and someone becomes important to it. While not integral to the plot, we can safely say that this element adds a certain stake to the game, since your relationship affects your allegiance and outlook.

Realism in the fantasy genre

Despite how it might sound, the title offers certain aspects of realism throughout your gameplay. One of them is the status of balance. This basically ensures your stability, meaning that you will stumble and fall far less. Alternatively, you might want to forgo the part for some attack points and hitting power, but don’t be surprised if Greedfall game easily knocks you off your feet. And let us not forget the language barrier that exists in the game.

Your character comes as an explorer (and sometimes invader) to the new lands and it is naïve to think that locals will all know your language. Therefore, while communication is often the key, you have to take care with who you interact. Basically, do not forget that this world, while carrying a fantasy-like setting, is still grounded in the laws of logic, and there are no flying mounts anywhere on the horizon.

Final thoughts

All in all, this new addition to the fantasy RPG genre is well worth attention. It’s one of the titles that you should definitely consider if you have more than a few spare hours to invest. If you enjoyed the likes of Dragon Age and The Witcher, be sure to give Greedfall game a try. Who knows, maybe it might just become the next title to once again reignite your passion for RPGs. With its fascinating combination of realism, fantasy elements, and innovative looks, Greedfall is an alluring newcomer and we welcome it with arms wide open. If you’re interested to experience this unknown world – we offer quite the price for it.