Yesterday during Gamescom: Opening Night Live, Guerrilla Games announced that Horizon Forbidden West is set to launch on February 18th, 2022 simultaneously on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Although Sony has been eager to push the release of the sequel to the end of 2021, due to the pandemic the release was scheduled for next year to ensure the game is released in the best shape possible. Pre-orders will be available starting next week, on September 2nd.

During Gamescom, in regard to the delayed release of Horizon Forbidden West director Mathias de Jonge said that “It’s no surprise that our teams were hugely impacted by the global pandemic; we have been adjusting to new workflows, protocols, and other challenges, while keeping our teams safe and prioritizing a healthy work/life balance.” Covid-19 has impacted numerous gaming companies and developers so we can only be understanding and patient, knowing that the delay signifies the ongoing quality work on the anticipated sequel.

Jonge also revealed some information about the premise of the Horizon Forbidden West. The adventures with Aloy continue and the dangers gain momentum: collapsing biosphere is causing detrimental damage to the world as she knows it, with wildlife and animals starving, affecting the tribe directly. Extreme weather conditions are going to impact the gameplay experience on a grand scale, considering that the decaying biosphere is the main issue of the story. Sounds quite exciting and honestly, we can’t wait to learn more about Horizon Forbidden West.

However, the news about the delay was not delivered without some compensation. Fans have been eager about the Horizon Zero Dawn update for PS5 players and it’s available now, granting 60 FPS mode, 4K checkerboard resolution, and, of course, the enhanced update is free for all PS5 players that have the game.

Until we can enter the world of Horizon Forbidden West, we can enjoy all that Horizon Zero Dawn can offer us and PS5 players can enjoy the enhanced gameplay they waited for.