After the PlayStation 5 console reveal, many players started to wonder which of the featured games will launch together with the new console. We now know that one of the most anticipated games Horizon Forbidden West will not be released this year. Instead, the game will come out a bit later, sometime in 2021.

This was confirmed in a new Horizon Forbidden West video on PlayStation’s YouTube channel. In a three-minute video developers from Guerrilla Games revealed a lot of details about the upcoming game including it’s planned launch window. Check it out:

In a video, developers talk about the game’s world saying that it will be a bit bigger than Horizon Zero Dawn. However, even with a bigger world, Horizon Forbidden West developers are saying that with the new PlayStation 5 hardware’s SSD players won’t see any loading screens, meaning that fast-travel will be instantaneous.

The same video also features a bit of the game’s set-up. Horizon Forbidden West will be set in “mysterious new frontier” extending from Utah to the Pacific Ocean. It will be full of new machine monsters, tribes and areas to explore.

Of course, we’re a bit saddened by the news that we’ll have to wait for Horizon Forbidden West a bit longer than previously expected but from what we’ve seen so far it will be worth it. We also shouldn’t forget the fact that the first game in the series, Horizon Zero Dawn, will get a PC release a bit later this year, so that might boost the popularity of the game and help out Sony to create some additional buzz around the release of PlayStation 5 and game’s sequel.