Next major Hearthstone update will host a lot of big changes. In a lengthy blog post posted on the Hearthstone Blog, the team behind the game explained how it tries to flush out the game’s class identity, defining core strengths and weaknesses of each class. The result – 2 old basic cards will leave the Standard mode and will join Hall of Fame, while 8 new cards will be added to the core set.

Blizzard has explained that Rogue’s Vanish doesn’t fit the theme of the class. According to the developer, while Vanish allowed to return all minions to their owners’ hands, it quickly became too efficient since the lack of board-clearing was one of the intended weaknesses for Rogue class. 

Mind Blast from Priest’s core set is retiring too. Blizzard has stated that Mind Blast, in combination with all the damage boosts, did a bit too much damage which wasn’t in-line with the initial intent of what Priest class is supposed to be.

While these two will be playable in Hearthstone’s Wild format, in Standart, these cards will be replaced by two new ones- Plaguebringer for Rogues and Radiance for Priests.

In addition to Plaguebringer and Radiance, Blizzard has also announced a few new additions in order to keep a healthy amount of easily obtainable cards. Warlocks will get a new Siegebreaker demon, Druids will receive a new spell called Gift of the Wild, while Paladins will be able to add Righteousness to their decks.

But that’s not all. In addition to class-specific cards, Hearthstone will get at least 5 new minions, including 2 new legendaries – Brightwing and High Inquisitor Whitemane.

Currently, it’s hard to predict how these new additions will alter Hearthstone’s metagame, but we already have a couple of ideas for new decks. New cards will be coming to the game with the next major Hearthstone update. If you’re interested to learn more about the philosophy behind these changes, we suggest you read the full blog post by the developers of the game.