In case you missed BlizzCon 2019 announcements, there was plenty of news for the fans of Hearthstone. During the opening ceremony, the developers unveiled a new game expansion called Descent of Dragons which concludes Year of the Dragon and brings a lot of new cards, new mechanics, and a new game mode into the popular digital card game.

As you might’ve guessed from the title, the new expansion is themed around dragons and will bring plenty of new creatures and spells which can be activated if you have a dragon in your hand or on the battlefield. According to Blizzard, Descent of Dragons will kick off with 135 new cards for players to collect.

The key addition to the new set is a new Galakrond hero card which can replace any existing in-game class giving a new hero power and a Battlecry effect. Cards with a new keyword – Invoke – will allow you to buff your Galakrond and upgrade it until you reach its final form – Galakrond, Azeroth’s End.

Here’s a video of Alec Dawson showing off some new cards and explaining the new mechanics:

However, the key addition to the Hearthstone is a new game mode called Battlegrounds. To put it simply, Battlegrounds is Blizzard’s take on the popular auto battler genre, drawing inspiration from Auto Chess, Dota Underlords and Teamfight Tactics.

8 players battle each other with their selected heroes until one remains. You play your creatures, buff them in various ways and pit them against your opponent’s board to see it play out. While card battle animations don’t look as exciting as DOTA’s or League of Legends’ heroes bashing each other, Hearthstone Battlegrounds’ battles are a bit less random and involve more logic and mathematics.

All in all, Descent of Dragons seems like an expansion that can bring back a lot of attention. Even in our blog team, there are people who haven’t played the game for a while but are genuinely excited about the new addition. We invite you to join us for the launch of the expansion on December 10th!