Yesterday Blizzard finally unveiled the next expansion for their popular collectible card game, Hearthstone. The new expansion is called Saviors of Uldum and should launch on August 6th. It will be the second expansion in a three-part series that are thematically linked together. Similar to Rise of Shadows, Saviors of Uldum will feature familiar characters and new mechanics that will expand upon existing cards.

Two new keywords for cards in the new expansion is Reborn and Plague. As you might expect, Reborn will bring your dead minions back to life, however, they will return to the battlefield with a single health point. On the other hand, Plague cards will be powerful spells that affect all of the minions on the battlefield including your own. 

In addition to all these shenanigans, Hearthstone is bringing back the Quest mechanic from Journey to Un’Goro expansion with a bunch of new cards for every class. Upon completion, quests will empower your hero abilities.

Saviors of Uldum will introduce a total of 135 new cards. In addition to these, the players will also receive new single-player content. Every player who will log-in to the game in the first 90 days after the expansion will get a free random Quest card to add to their decks.