Our team loves MMORPG games and Guild Wars 2 might be among our favorites. Soon, even a bigger number of people will get a chance to discover it since the game is coming to the most popular PC platform. According to ArenaNet, the game will be released on Steam this November.

The news was announced during the eight-year anniversary of Guild Wars 2. In a special live stream, the developers stated that their beloved MMORPG could use some fresh audience and promised to bring their game to Steam. And that’s not just a new way to launch the game – it’s a fresh start since there’s no way to convert your old Guild Wars 2 account into a Steam account, meaning that all new players coming through Steam will start at level 1.

While this won’t be an entirely fresh re-start, since Steam and ArenaNet launcher users will be able to share servers and play together, it’s a nice way to bring some new audiences or bring back some older fans who dropped the game years ago (or got banned) and wouldn’t mind experiencing Guild Wars 2 leveling once again. Spoiler Alert – it’s super fun!

And the timing for this move over to Steam could not be better. ArenaNet also announced the third game expansion called End of Dragons. Here’s the trailer:

While we don’t know a lot of details about the next chapter in Guild Wars 2, we know that End of Dragons is scheduled to launch sometime in 2021. That means that new players will have plenty of time to play through the core game and its previous expansions. You can get them for a special price from Eneba!