There’s no secret that GTA Online is still super popular to this day. Even years after the game’s launch, there are a lot of players who are constantly coming back to the game, checking out some new content. However, up until now, there were some annoying issues regarding the technical side of the game – mainly its load times upon booting up the world. Years later we finally got a fix for this issue, courtesy of a fellow player.

GTA Online player named t0st found a way to fix the game’s load time by digging into the game’s code. He found a solution to a problem that plagued the game for many years and offered a way to fix it to Rockstar. The developers looked at his solution and found that t0st’s proposed fix actually works! According to the information provided, it reduces GTA Online’s load times by 70 percent which is huge, to say the least.

So, Rockstar did what any good developer should. They promised to implement this fix in the upcoming GTA Online patch and rewarded t0st for his findings with a Rockstar Bug Bounty (10 000 dollars).

While this fan fix is not yet implemented, we won’t have to wait too long. Rockstar is known to release regular updates for GTA Online adding more content and certain bug fixes. We should also note that Rockstar is planning to release Grand Theft Auto Online as a standalone title in the coming months, so this fix couldn’t have come at a better time.

From our side, and in the name of all the GTA Online fans in our community we’d like to thank t0st for his efforts in making our beloved game even better. Fans like him make our gaming community better. Kudos!