If you’re among those who are still enjoying Obsidian’s Grounded game, you’ll be pleased to know that the September update is here. The new batch of content adds new buildings, new crafting items, and a few Halloween-themed additions.

Here’s a developer vlog detailing all the changes coming with this update:

According to the website, the September update is called Hedge Content Update which revamps The Hedge and adds some new stuff to play with. The first thing you will notice are new buildings you can set up in your backyard. The September update brings an option to build Zip-lines that will allow you to quickly traverse certain areas and avoid those pesky bugs. There’s also an option to build Spinning Wheel and Signs in your selected areas which should add more customization options to your base-building loop.

With Halloween creeping in, Obsidian also introduced a new world landmark called Frankenline. Essentially, it’s a discarded Etch A Sketch you can actually draw on. There’s also a new Jack-o-Lantern landmark, and a special food item – Candy Corn.

Lastly, we should mention some new localization options. Grounded received a localized text for French, Italian, German, and Spanish. According to Obsidian, more languages are on the way, so be sure to keep an eye out.

If you wish to learn more about all of this, hop on the official page and read through all the patch notes.