Since the release of Grand Theft Auto Online in 2013, the only casino in the game’s world held a sign with two words – “Opening Soon”. Now, 6 years later, Rockstar Games is finally ready to open the doors for players to lose their hard-earned digital cash.

In a message posted on Twitter, the developer of the game detailed that the first luxury casino in the heart of Vinewood will open its doors with the next major game update.

It’s been a long wait. Speculation about the new feature has been around since the release of the game, but recent data mining from the most dedicated fans discovered that Rockstar is updating the game’s code to accommodate the feature. The leak reveals that the “Opening Soon” banner has disappeared, and instead was replaced by multiple construction stands.

While we still don’t have any information regarding the release date of the new feature, it’s nice to see that Rockstar is finally making some changes. While you wait for the grand opening we suggest to start saving up some GTA dollars. Or you can simply buy some Grand Theft Auto Online cash from our store. But please, gamble responsibly…