If you’re a fan of PlayStation, you might remember Golem, a PlayStation VR game that was announced back in 2015. The game is being developed by Highwire Games, a studio that is comprised of former Halo and Destiny developers, so fans (us included) have huge expectations for this one. After years in silence, we’ve finally received confirmation that Golem is nearing its completion and should be released on November 8th.

If you’ve never heard about Golem and are wondering why so much anticipation for an exclusive VR game, we have you covered. First, take a look at the game’s announcement trailer:

Golem’s presentation is on another level while the soundtrack for the game is making us want to rewind the trailer and watch it again. Golem’s audio vibrations were composed by Martin O’Donnell who is an awarded composer behind Halo’s musical score. In fact, most of the team working with Golem did a lot of work on Halo and that’s one of the main reasons to be excited. Our imagination runs wild when we think about what this team is capable of creating in 4 years’ time.

An additional reason to look into Golem is its platform. Golem will be an exclusive and fully realized PlayStation VR experience and that’s a rare thing in the gaming industry. Who knows, Golem might even make us buy one of these PlayStation VR devices. One thing is for certain, if you already own PlayStation VR, you wouldn’t like to miss it.

It’s also worth mentioning that November 8th only marks the release of physical game copies, while the digital version of the title will come 4 days later, on November 12th. Weird, but ok…