What direction do you take with a sequel after saving the planet from an alien invasion and quite literally defeating Satan and escaping from Hell? Perhaps a reboot of the series? That’s the exact case with the Saints Row franchise. Saints Row started as one of those GTA clones that were popping up after the success of Grand Theft Auto III but managed to break free from the shackles of a duplicate by causing more mayhem and carnage. Eventually, the events in the series got so over the top, that reboot was inevitable. Saints Row is coming back to its roots but with a contemporary spin on it. 

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True Bosses buy games with gift cards

The old cast of Saints Row has done it all and is going to a long-awaited retirement. It’s time for the new set of characters to take the mantle. Your character is known and referred to as The Boss and do you know what true bosses do? They try to save money when buying video games. Save on the Saints Row reboot with cheaper PlayStation and Xbox gift cards on PlayStation and Xbox respectively. Are you The Boss?

The unusual suspects

Every boss needs a crew. Yours consists of three main acquaintances. Neenah will become your trusty mechanic and partner in crime behind the wheel. A former DJ Kevil will handle all the heists and the business entrepreneur Eli will be reliable gang activities manager.

The new crew got a lot of backlash from devoted fans of the series due to the character design but we fans usually love to overreact when huge changes are made in our beloved series. Everyone deserves a chance and we might come to love the new characters as much as we loved the old ones.

Got style?

You are The Boss and the boss has to be and look cool, right? Well, actually, it’s completely up to you. If you’ve played any of the Saints Row games, you know how wide the customization options are. You’ll be able to customize your character’s body type, mass, skin color, hairstyle, makeup, add masks, and many other details. You can look like the muscular action superstar or something resembling the green ogre Shrek. Your appearance isn’t the only thing that can be customized. You’ll be able to tune up cars and weapons to add flair and glamour to the carnage you’ll be causing. Speaking of carnage…

Let’s cause some chaos!

If you’ve ever played any of the Saints Row games, you know that it’s all about causing mayhem, carnage, and having tons of fun in the process. It’s what made Saints Row great in the first place so it’s only natural that the game is keeping its heart and soul. You’ll be able to rain chaos with melee takedowns, a huge amount of different weapons, and special skills. C’mon, there are not many games that allow you to stick a grenade into someone’s pants and throw them into their comrades, right? 

The new Saints Row may look different but it still promises to be the good old Saints Row. You can grab the game cheaper with PSN and Xbox gift cards right now and if you’ve never met any of the Saints before, you can grab any of the previous installments from a special collection.