Gears of Wars is a well-established and greatly popular franchise that covers 5 main games and 2 spin-offs. It spans through a decade and there is bound to be a discussion of which game is better. Some like the original, others gravitate towards the newest – well, we think that all games are great, as long as you have fun with them! But entertainment can come in different flavors and now we will try to compare Gears 5 vs GoW 4, discussing certain features between the latest games in the franchise.


Maybe it’s the current industry standards, maybe it’s the dedication an ambition of the developers, but Gears 5 is blatantly superior to its predecessor in terms of the environment. And we don’t mean graphics (thought that was worked on as well, obviously). Where Gears of War 4 has mostly linear paths with occasional slightly more areas, Gears 5 provides the player with unique open land to explore.

And you can even use a vehicle to traverse the location, reducing walking/running time to a manageable degree! In Gears 5 vs GoW 4 competition, the latest installment takes the cake! You will have time to explore, breathe and just take in the surroundings – you might even find some hidden treasures or plain useful items.


We cannot discuss Gears without mentioning the combat. And one of the greatest differences between the two titles is the fact that now, you will be able to initiate the battle. The enemy will no longer rush at you with a supernatural sense of where you are. Instead, it is you who will have a chance to attack first. Gears 5 vs GoW 4 are hard to compare in this aspect because the 5th game seemingly has reworked the mechanic. If you want to ambush the enemies, go for it! Charge at the head-on like in good old days? Game lets you do that too. Basically, there is more control in your actions of how you want to approach the battle.


Speaking of combat, we have to talk about Jack! This handy little robot friend has many of the uses, some offensive and others are more exploratory! He appeared in the original games, however, was absent in 4th; needless to say, the point between Gears 5 vs GoW 4 goes to Gears 5. This time around, Jack has a skill tree – nothing extensive, but enough to customize your companion the way you see fit.

The game’s hoard mode even allows one of the players to take direct control of Jack. You are free to fly around, help out your teammates, revive the ones who have fallen and just feel like an integral part of the team. There is a reason why beloved character Marcus Fenix appreciated Jack so much, and now is your time to experience this firsthand.

Escape mode

With all the new additions, Gears 5 vs GoW 4 might seem one-sided, but developers truly went all-out on Gears 5. Probably the biggest inclusion is the new mode, designed for good cooperation and teamwork. Escape mode is designed for 3 players, and their goal is to escape from the hive (hence the name). The difficulty comes from trying to outrun the poison, so you cannot stay and camp in one place, or you will fail.

Each player picks their character and that character’s skills unlock over time, and then there’s a powerful special ability that is also tied to a timer. Teamwork is always important, regardless of Gears 5 vs GoW 4 argument, as it is the basis of Gears multiplayer. And with mode’s several difficulties, players of different skill levels will be able to play this mode together.

Escape mode has one other fun element – map creation. Basically, as the name suggests, you are able to construct your own levels and make them as complicated or as simple as you want. Challenge yourself or your friends (or even strangers because you can share your creations online). However, you can only publish your map once you yourself beat it. This further enhances Gears 5 vs GoW 4 freedom topic, because Gears 5 proves to give the player a lot more liberties in their plays.  

Tour of Duty

And now we reach the crowning jewel of Gears 5. Tour of Duty functions a bit like a battle pass that has become prevalent in the game industry nowadays, but here’s the trick – it’s completely free. That’s right, the rewards (that will also become unobtainable of the set time ends) will all be available in exchange for completed tasks. It can be a requirement to win a certain number of games in some mode, maybe using a certain weapon or similar criteria.

Gears 5 vs GoW 4 conflict pales in the face of Tour of Duty, as it’s a win not only for the 5th game but the gaming community in general. Any and all items you will earn is given to you because of skill and dedication. And when you receive something exclusive, you can be proud that you have obtained it by your skill, not RNG.


Maybe because Gear 5 is the newest game, it holds more weight than Gears of War 4. There are many new additions that will fascinate both new players and returning veterans. Gears 5 vs GoW 4 comparison remains fairly even in regards to customization because this feature still relies on a card system and works in much of the same way (but maybe Gears 5 has a bigger closet space).

The new unique mode will challenge all the players alike, furthermore, it has never been seen before. Then there’s also a chance to play as a robot companion! GoW 4 has its own charm, however, it’s clear that Gears 5 has way more content. In reality, you shouldn’t even try fighting over Gears 5 vs GoW 4 decision. Consider playing them both, to get the most out of Kait’s story and see how the whole story with the new generation plays out.