Well… We can’t say we weren’t expecting that. Yesterday, Playground Games announced a new and free update for its critically acclaimed racing simulator Forza Horizon 4. The update brings a new battle royale mode for the game called The Eliminator, which will make its way to PC and Xbox One today.

The Eliminator is fairly simple. You and 71 other players will start the game in random locations of the map. Every player starts in a 1965s Mini Cooper, a level 1 car that can be upgraded or changed entirely by locating Car Drop spots or by winning head-to-head races against another player. You can initiate this head-to-head race by driving nearby other players and if you win your opponent is removed from the game while you get to keep his car and his upgrades.

As time passes and more racers are being eliminated, the play area shrinks ensuring that you’ll always find someone to race with. The mode concludes with a final 10-player race where the winner takes it all. You can check out The Eliminator mode in action in a video below:

It’s worth mentioning that The Eliminator won’t be the only thing added with this free update. According to Playground Games, the new game mode will be accompanied by a new short campaign and some awesome rewards, including new racer clothing, new cars and so on.