The annual Christmas-themed celebration called Fortnite’s Winterfestival has begun. Starting now, for a limited time Fortnite players can log on to the game and claim their presents daily, until the end of the even which is scheduled for January 7th.

Upon your next log-in to Fortnite you should notice a new snowflake tab in the lobby which will take you to Fortnite Chapter 2’s Winterfest Lodge. Here you can find a new present each day which will contain some sort of cosmetics – these will be yours to keep for free.

According to Epic Games, each present has a chance to drop skins, gliders, pickaxes, wraps, emotes and other Fortnite stuff. Everything you can get is exclusive for this year’s celebrations and won’t be available to anyone after the event concludes. Furthermore, if you want some additional presents, Winterfest Lodge will feature some special Christmas stockings that will include new daily challenges. If you manage to complete these in time you’ll get additional presents.

Lastly, we should mention that the event update also brings some new features to the game. Epic Games introduced an all-new Battle Lab which will allow you to customize the rules of the game. In Battle Lab, you’ll be able to create your own Battle Royale island and set the rules. Players will be able to customize their LTM loot pools, set up combat scenarios or create their own game mode by playing around with gravity, fall damage and so on.

As always, there are plenty of bug fixes and quality of life improvements. If you’re interested, be sure to read through the patch notes in the official post.