For quite a while, Football Manager fans have been a bit on the edge. Sports Interactive has been unusually silent about their new Football Manager 2020 game, so some of the community even began speculating that the game might not come out until next year. However, all fears evaporated as Sports Interactive announced that the new game will come out on PC and mobile on November 19th.

It looks like this time, players will have to choose one out of three versions of the game. The first one is our regular Football Manager 2020 with all the intricacies known to the series fans. The second version is Football Manager 2020 Touch edition which is being described as a lite version of the game, featuring only the core responsibilities of managing your own football club. Alongside PC, Football Manager 2020 Touch will also be released on iOS and Android, however, only relatively new devices will be able to run it. Lastly, there’s Football Manager 2020 Mobile which is a bit short on features but is suitable for almost every phone running iOS or Android.

In addition to mobile platforms, this year’s Football Manager 2020 will also be released on consoles. Sports Interactive revealed that the newest title will also be released for Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia. While we still don’t know which version of the game will be released on Stadia, Nintendo Switch players will have to do with Football Manager 2020 Touch. We should also mention that console versions still don’t have a release date.

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