Sony finally did it! Mark Cerny, the PlayStation console architect, revealed the first details about the upcoming console in an exclusive interview with Wired magazine. From what we’ve gathered, the new PlayStation looks to be even more powerful than predicted previously shadowing high-end PCs specs wise.

According to the Wired interview with Mark Cerny, Sony’s next-generation console will be powered by a CPU based on the third-generation AMD Ryzen processor and a GPU based on AMD’s Radeon Navi, which will support ray tracing and resolutions up to 8K. 8 goddamn K! Furthermore, Cerny also teased with the new 3D audio technology as a part of CPU which should provide players with a dramatically different audio experience.

Additionally, next-generation PlayStation will also have an SSD. According to Cerny, this will shrink lengthy load times and will enable a lot of options for developers to explore on. As an example, Cerny showed a loading sequence in Spider-Man game on PlayStation 4 Pro which took 15 seconds and then showed the same sequence on new PlayStation devkit which took 0.8 seconds. Quite an improvement!

Regardless of specs which are not yet conclusive and might be subject to change in the near future, console architect also revealed some other nuances. One we liked, in particular, was the backward compatibility. In the interview, Mark Cerny confirmed that the new console will be able to run PlayStation 4 games. And not just digital copies. The new PlayStation will have the similar architecture to its predecessor including a disk drive which will enable the feature to run PlayStation 4 games.

For now, the new PlayStation is looking like everything we’ve hoped for, but Sony is not yet ready to call it PlayStation 5. According to sources, a full console reveal might be two or even three years away. We’ll just have to wait and see…

You can read the full interview here.