Don’t get confused. Final Fantasy XV was never designed to be an MMORPG game. Final Fantasy XIV was… However, Square Enix decided that its latest game in the series, which was released for PC and console back in 2016, deserves to be revisited. And so, the studio announced a brand new mobile experience set in a familiar world which will be released sometime in 2020.

Final Fantasy XV Mobile (the title of the game is not yet conclusive) should be converted into a mobile MMO game which will be set in an alternate timeline compared to the main game. According to the news, the mobile version of Final Fantasy XV will begin right after Noctis leaves on his adventure and will allow players to explore brand new locations.

However, the news still doesn’t detail how the MMORPG aspect will be featured in the game. We know that Final Fantasy XV Mobile will utilize Unreal Engine and is currently in development by JSC Games and GAEA Mobile. Square Enix will publish the title. We should also add that Final Fantasy XV Mobile will first be released in China and later will debut to other gaming markets. Square Enix said it’s going to share more news about it in the first half of 2020 including a brand new trailer…

And while we wait for more news, we suggest you stay calm and revisit the main game. Who knows, maybe you’ll find some more hints about the new MMORPG.