We have yet another great news update. Eneba just signed a deal with Skytech: one of the biggest computer and IT retailers in Lithuania. During the upcoming months, customers of Skytech will be able to add an Eneba-provided game into their collection by purchasing the SteelSeries gear in any of Skytech’s stores.

To kick things off, Eneba is giving away the critically-acclaimed Mount & Blade: Warband game for the first 200 customers. In order to get the free game, you need to purchase one of the Steelseries products offered by Skytech and then redeem the received key on Eneba marketplace.

For those who don’t know if Mount & Blade: Warband is a time-worthy game, we can definitively tell that it is. While the game was released quite a while back, to this date, it’s considered one of the most fun sandbox games ever offering a unique multiplayer experience. Mount & Blade: Warband features 8 different multiplayer modes including a 32-player siege mode which will test player’s tactical preparation to its very limits.

Don’t hesitate for long. Skytech only has 200 free games!