Eneba has teamed up with critically acclaimed Polish game development studio, The Farm 51. The studio is known for games such as NecroVisioN, Painkiller: Hell & Damnation, Deadfall Adventures, Get Even, and their latest World War 3.

The Farm 51 is joining Eneba Official lineup and will be supplying World War 3 game keys for customers straight from Eneba digital games store!

“Here at The Farm 51, we’re excited to start cooperation with Eneba. World War 3 GIGA PATCH will soon be released and bring tons of new content to the game. Eneba is one of the fastest growing gaming communities out there and we believe that they got a potential to help us reach an even wider audience for our games across the world“ – Kamil Bilczynski, Project Lead at The Farm 51.

World War 3, it’s a multiplayer military first-person shooter game set in the midst of modern, global conflict. In it, you will be able to join massive battles full of tactical combat, collect and personalize weapons, vehicles and drones which allows you to gain an advantage on the battlefield. World War 3 also features real-life locations such as Warsaw, Berlin or Moscow.

The studio is currently working on GIGA PATCH – the biggest update since the game release. It will include new maps, weapons, vehicles and other features.

World War 3 is in its Early Access, so it’s a great time to join this awesome community of tacticians and help to shape the game according to your liking.