Parkour, zombies, post-apocalyptic open-world setting, and an astounding campaign – that‘s what Techland‘s Dying Light is all about. Or at least was all about, as the 2015 title is getting one more downloadable content piece this summer, July 23.

The Dying Light official YouTube channel just dropped this teaser:

And it‘s as if developers know you‘re already a survival expert when it comes to zombies, and are striving for an even greater challenge. With Dying Light – Hellraid DLC, you‘ll get exactly that. Prepare to turn on an old arcade machine set up in the basement of Dying Light‘s tower and enter the very depths of hell. Zombies may no longer offer a challenge, however, all kinds of devilish fiends and monsters certainly can.

You‘d think that with Dying Light 2 already on its way, the developers put all their creative magic into the upcoming piece, and yet, here we have a new realm, new monsters, new weapons, and a unique reward system for your efforts. The best thing about this? If you‘re skilled enough, you‘ll get to bring some of the underworldly rewards back to the zombieland! Bit unfair for the zombies if you ask us…

If you haven’t even tried Dying Light yet or had it in your back shelf already, it’s probably the best time to experience this captivating piece anew as well as prepare for the challenges awaiting with the future release. We have quite the price on Dying Light, it’s enhanced edition, and even previous DLC packs – check them out!