The demon slaying business cannot get any more awesome than that of Devil May Cry! Hello and welcome to all the eccentric artisans of the demon-hunting business! It seems that with the newest Devil May Cry 5 release being just a few days away, the hype is at the very peek! And as far as we can tell, there’s some solid background to justify the hype for the stylish, action-packed, fast-paced, endearing, humorous, and thrilling hack-and-slasher!

March 8, 2019, Friday!

CAPCOM has confirmed the Devil May Cry 5 will launch on March 8, 2019! If you weren’t up with the news lately, there’s a whole bunch of stuff that you might have missed, and if that’s the case: consider yourself lucky! Today – we got you covered! And if you have been reluctantly following the DMC5 news, don’t tear off the page just yet, you might have missed on some important detail which we might just have included down below!

Previous games for more clarity

So, what to expect from the upcoming Devil May Cry 5? Honestly, there are quite a few things. Over-the-top stylish action, extraordinary protagonists, captivating one-liners, a world in need of saving, a multitude of old and new weapons of destruction, and a never-ending battle for the humanity’s survival are but a few features that have already become the DMC’s trademark.

The newest game takes the very best and most iconic qualities of its predecessors and builds atop of them. So, If you want to experience each game before the long-awaited Devil May Cry 5 release, we recommend visiting our Eneba Marketplace and buying the Devil May Cry HD Collection, which features the first three Devil May Cry games, and to experience the fourth title we’d recommend acquiring the Devil May Cry 4 (Special Edition).

Devil May Cry 5 – Dante, Nero, V.

So, saving the humanity business has once again befallen into the hands of three demon hunters, thus Devil May Cry 5 presents the three playable protagonists. Two are more than familiar to the fans of the series: the legendary Dante and the hot-blooded Nero are hired by the third one, named V. The three playable characters have extremely distinct playstyles, separate skill trees, and their own respected parts in-game.

The new Devil May Cry 5 has a fairly high skill ceiling which may even taunt some players at first, but high skill ceiling generally indicates about quite a few of the upcoming good things: complex mechanics, a variety of moves, variety of combos, and numerous ability-providing weapons are but a few of the stylish combat features to look forward to!

Devil May Cry 5 – what to expect? Dante

Dante remains faithful to the fan-familiar playstyle which we have had the pleasure to get accustomed with during the previous iterations, of course, some innovative adjustments have been implemented to meet the modern standard. One of such examples would be his demonic motorcycle, that can be split into two parts, which then work as two brute, loud, and chaotic chainsaws! If you’ve enjoyed Dante’s combat mechanics in DMC3, they are all brought back in action! Dante’s Swordmaster, Gunslinger, Trickster, and Royalguard move sets, his Rebellion and Sparda Blades, and his Devil Trigger form are inseparable from this cultic protagonist!

Devil May Cry 5 – what to expect? Nero

Devil May Cry 5 features Nero, a demon hunter known from DMC4. He’s once again wielding his Blue Rose revolver and Red Queen sword, and this time he doesn’t come to the party alone. Alongside Nero, you’ll soon meet up with another character of great importance, her name is Nico! Nico is a crafty technician which will offer the most modern-tech gadgets to the group and to Nero in particular. The young demon hunter has lost an arm, but that’s not really a problem as Nico presents an extraordinary alternative – Devil Breakers.

Devil Breaker system presents multiple ways for Nero to become increasingly more fearsome. Devil Breakers in their broadest sense are disposable arms that provide Nero with numerous abilities, skills, and moveset modifiers. For example, Gerbera arm will shoot lasers, while the Tomboy arm will increase other Nero weapons attributes tremendously! The prosthetic arms are not very durable though and will break upon receiving a certain amount of damage. Not that it’s a worry-worthy matter as you’ll come across plenty of them all throughout the Devil May Cry 5 levels.

Devil May Cry 5 – what to expect? V

If Dante represents the Devil May Cry franchise traditions, and Nero represents the mix between the old and the new, V can only feel like the wind of change. And truly, the newest addition to the franchise has an exceptional playstyle, unique, yet gracefully fitting along with the whole DMC action. The V guy is a sweet & sour looking gothic fellow who wields a cane and reads poems from a book of the Dark Arts. These are no mere sonnets however; his words summon creatures who have only been seen in the first DMC game.

The ghostly panther initiates in the close combat shenanigans, the shadow raven is for the ranged-approach, and when things turn dire, a massive golem-like creature can also be brought straight into the action. Standing afar and issuing orders only to close-in for the final strike is a completely different approach from the two other protagonists in the new Devil May Cry 5 game, however, in our humble opinion, it’s a fresh and very welcomed addition to the series as a whole!.

Devil May Cry 5 – what to expect? Final notes

From what has been revealed so far, we could only speculate and make a prominent guess that the upcoming Devil May Cry 5 release is going to be a blast. Having in mind that the game will feature an online co-op mode known as the ‘Cameo System’, adjustable training level called ‘the Void mode’, and even the ‘Bloody Palace’ survival mode. However, the vastly popular Bloody Palace mode that has admittedly been the toughest challenge in DMC2 won’t come with the Devil May Cry 5 launch but is promised as a free update in April 2019!

Prepare for the aching fingers, joints cramping, and numerous other limb-fatigue related occurrences, or as they say – with great style comes great responsibility! The Devil May Cry 5 release is right by the corner, and acquiring the title is not just a matter of style.