One of the most popular co-op games in recent years Dead by Daylight will have something to offer for the fans who decide to purchase next-generation consoles. Behaviour Interactive announced its plans to overhaul the game’s graphics through updates in order to make the game look better on PlayStation and Xbox Series X.

Dead by Daylight was originally released in 2016 and since then got a huge following among the fans of co-op horror games. It grew its community by releasing regular content updates featuring new characters, maps, and various other in-game goodies. Now developers decided that the game needs proper surgery from the technical side of things in order to keep its momentum going into a new generation of games.

While the game’s transition to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X was announced previously, there were no details about this new version. Now we finally know that the next-generation version of Dead by Daylight will feature plenty of improvements – 4K graphics, 60 FPS, and a redo of almost all textures, models, lighting, effects, and animations, making it look fresh even 4 years after its initial release.

The new update will be called The Realm Beyond and will be free to all owners of the game. As developers started with The Realm Beyond, the team hopes to “improve the immersion tenfold” and make Dead by Daylight’s environments “as realistic as a scary disturbing nightmare”. Sounds… ambitious.

However, it’s worth mentioning that not everything in the game will be changed all at once. The overhaul will come in separate parts and the first one is set to release on September 8th.

This of course indicates that Behaviour Interactive has no plans to stop supporting their game and we’ll get plenty of awesome content in the future. Nice to know!

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