Yesterday, fans of Dead by Daylight received a new content update for the game. Patch 3.2.0 includes a bunch of new features and fixes but the key addition to the game is a new crossover event themed around the popular Netflix show Stranger Things.

The crossover includes two new survivor characters – Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler. Both of these survivors boasts cool abilities which will likely attract players who are not even familiar with Stranger Things (yes, these people exist). Steve has the ability to self-heal, sense the killer’s aura, and more. On the other hand, Nancy will be able to project auras to other survivors and will be able to regen her health while hiding.

Of course, it would be weird if the crossover with Stranger Things wouldn’t feature the iconic Demogorgon which is a new killer in the game. It will be able to burrow into the stage making him especially mobile and hard to spot. Additionally, the Demogorgon will be able to mess with generators and slow down the progress of the players.

Lastly, the new update also includes a new map which is set in the Underground Complex of the Hawkins National Laboratory. While the map is quite similar to the other ones, its visual style is sure to please the fans of Stranger Things show.

This update isn’t the first themed crossover content for this popular multiplayer title. A bit earlier, the developers also added game extensions focused around other popular horror media characters such as Ash from Ash Vs. Evil Dead. We’re hoping that the crossover with Stranger Things won’t be the last time we hear from Dead by Daylight team.

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