The Darksiders series is making an unexpected turn. While the original games in the series were created as third-person action games, the latest addition will be different. Darksiders Genesis will be a two-player co-op game with a top-down perspective. Oh, and it’s coming a bit earlier than expected – the release is scheduled for PC and Google Stadia on December 5th.

According to the announcement, Darksiders Genesis will tell a new story and will serve as a prequel to the rest of the series. The game features the debut of the fourth and final Horseman – Strife – who can battle alongside his brother, and a fellow Horseman, War. As we mentioned, Darksiders Genesis is designed to be completed in a co-op manner but solo players will be able to enjoy it as well. Solo players will be able to alternate between Strife and War on the fly, taking advantage of both Strife’s ranged and War’s melee attacks.

We should also add that while Darksiders Genesis will make its debut on PC and Stadia, the console port is also in the works. THQ Nordic revealed that the game should also be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on February 14th, 2020. So, if you own a console, cancel all your Valentine’s day plans and get ready to enjoy some hell.