This year Paradox Con had some amazing announcements including additional content to the biggest Paradox Interactive games as well as some new titles. One that caught our eye, in particular, is a sequel to the popular Crusader Kings franchise – Crusader Kings 3 is real, and it’s coming in 2020.

While the game will be familiar to everyone who played previous Crusader Kings games, it will also have a couple of brand new details that will be appreciated by the fans of the series. Crusader Kings 3 will have some welcome quality of life changes as well as visual improvements. The list of these changes includes brand new 3D character models, new and more convenient UI, etc.

During the announcement, Paradox Interactive also mentioned that the new game in this grand strategy series will focus more on characters. Crusader Kings 3 will have more lifestyle options (a feature implemented with Crusader Kings 2) which will result in more control over your kingdom’s habits. Through these changes, you’ll be able to influence the development of religion, hierarchy, and seniority. This means that players will be able to carefully plan out their dynasty’s succession.

According to the announcement, the game will be released exclusively for PC through Steam and Xbox Game Pass. We hope to get the full release in Q1 2020.